Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Makeup Snob

My friend’s band, Goodbye Gadget, came out with a new cd last month entitled “Because, I’m Not Myself You See”. They are trying to spread the word and get their music out there. To help do this they have asked if The Makeup Snob would host a contest to help do just that! So I thought, Why not... Free Makeup... Good Music.... Perfect Combination! It’s easy to enter, and there are several ways you can win!

First, the prize. Winner gets 3 MAC Makeup Items as a prize! One eye shadow, One Lipglass and one Lipstick! In whatever color you choose!! (must be available for purchase at the time contests ends) hm mmm.... The new Holiday Collections Mineral eyeshadows sure are pretty! Even prettier when they are free! :)

The contest is open US and International Readers of the Contest Begins: 10/15/2009 and Ends: 11/15/2009

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